Art Coaching

Artists need knowledge in a wide array of domains — many of which aren’t ever discussed in art school:

  • pricing and contextualizing your work,
  • approaching and judging galeries,
  • understanding (and using) sustainable networking,
  • developing individualized creativity strategies,
  • identifying and transcending transgressions,
  • setting up a work archive,
  • judging contracts for sales and commissions etc.

This list does not end. If you need help in understanding a specific art world situation, in discussing your work process etc — then reach out.  To operate autonomously, here are over thirty chapters of my Handbook for Emerging Artists, free of charge.

I’ve been researching and discussing these topics for years, and have been teaching it in various workshops in public and private institutions (eg. Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna; Pushing Colored Dirt, New York).
I started offering individual discussion sessions in 2019. In 2020 I started offering “free art coaching for marginalized voices” — which led to nearly two dozen sessions with artists from Russia, the Dominican Republic, India, Canada, Switzerland etc. Some of them were done one-on-one, others included several participants. Some focused on emotional or structural work challenges, others were about business topics (pricing, offering prints, website design, establishing a digital work archive etc).

This whole experience made it even more obvious to me in what bad shape today’s art schools are, when it’s about supporting artists in navigating the actual challenges of their profession. 

If you are interest in a personalized art coaching session, reach out!


Living The Art Life (Course offered at Pushing Colored Dirt)