Survival Guide for Artists

The “Survival Guide for Artists” is a clear, concise strategy guide for artists wanting to understand the complexities of the contemporary fine art world. It helps establishing individualized paths for the manifold challenges faced by artists.

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Real-life questions..

The book covers three fields: artistic practice, business and personal life. Each of these contain real-life questions ranging

  • from the most basic and mundane (What is art? or How much work should I produce?)
  • to more challenging business decisions (How do I end a gallery collaboration? or Someone stole my work: What do I do?)
  • and personal situations (I don’t like my work at all: What can I do? or How can I use smart resting periods to increase my productivity?).


..answered in bite-sized chapters..

Readers are encouraged to find their own way into the book: answers are too-the-point and self-contained, and don’t require reading the rest of the book. Answers have an average length of 600 words, with complex topics being split into multiple questions – each offering actionable strategies to improve the challenge at hand. help you treat art as a profession.

The “Survival Guide for Artists” is being written out of the acute need of there being a near-total lack of clarity on topics outside of the artistic practice: whether it’s pricing or writing about one’s work, creating a consistent work archive, knowledge of standards in gallery collaborations, fostering sensitivities on work-life balance, self-motivation or strategies for deep work: art schools ignore them all.

Instead of romanticizing art as hobby, the book teaches the core idea of agency through problem-appropriation: in order to solve a problem, one has to own it.



About the author

The “Survival Guide for Artists” is written by Christian Bazant-Hegemark, whose work background includes game programming, curating and managing an artist-run space. His work has been shown in solo exhibitions in Vienna, Paris, Leipzig, Seattle and elsewhere, with gallery representations in Düsseldorf (Galerie Voss) and Vienna (unttld contemporary).
He lives and works in Vienna/Austria.