Artistic Practice

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Challenges of Beginning

  1. What talents or skills do I need to become an artist?
  2. What general challenges do I have to expect as an artist, and how can I lessen their blow?
  3. I want to become an artist – but am unsure whether I have something relevant to say and express. What kind of intention is required of me?

  4. How do I start?

Challenges of Progressing

  1. I want to understand my own work. How do I go about it?
  2. My work feels alien, raw and unstable. It makes me feel uneasy and worried. Should I still pursue it?
  3. Contemporary art is complex and scary. How can others help me find my way?

Challenges of Finishing

  1. What’s the anatomy of finishing an artwork?
  2. What are the benefits of finishing an artwork?
  3. What are the challenges of finishing an artwork?

Challenges of Mastery

  1. I want to understand “quality”. What is it, and why is it relevant to artists?
  2. How do I find or establish quality in my work?
  3. I finished something and feel down. Shouldn’t I be happy and satisfied?
  4. How can I minimize or prevent losing momentum upon reaching a goal?
  5. I feel disassociated from my work. What can I do after having lost motivation or momentum?

Growing from Feedback

  1. What’s the anatomy of art feedback?
  2. How would ideal feedback look like?
  3. How should I engage with and process feedback?

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