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  1. What’s the anatomy of art networking?
  2. What do I do at art events – specifically at gallery or art fair openings?

Art School

  1. How do I research an art school, to understand whether I fit in?
  2. What’s the anatomy of art school entrance exams?
  3. How do I handle art school rejection?


  1. What’s the anatomy of art pricing?
  2. What are further art pricing facts?
  3. How do I price my artworks as a total newbie?
  4. Is there a formula to calculate the prices of artworks?
  5. Is there value in making my art affordable?
  6. How can I make my artwork (financially) accessible to non-collectors?


  1. What is a gallery?
  2. How do galleries operate?
  3. What are gallery representations, and why would I want them?
  4. How do I find gallery representation?
  5. How do I establish organic engagement with a gallery, specifically when looking for representation?

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