Personal Development

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Social Interactions

  1. Life, relationships, socialization, personal growth: how does it all connect?

General Challenges

  1. How can I increase agency to proactively handle life?
  2. How should I tackle life? What are general strategies?

Work Challenges

  1. What’s the anatomy of work-life balance for artists?
  2. How do I structure my time as an artist?
  3. How do I structure my work tasks as an artist?
  4. How do I handle overtime as an artist?

Career and Time. Regrets.

  1. I only started getting into art way late. So much time has been lost. Is my career doomed before it began?
  2. I abandoned my art practice months or years ago. How can I continue my work?
  3. Benefits and hardships: Why (and how) should I raise my awareness of fringe benefits?

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