Music was my first love. I started passionately making music when I was fifteen. I started with bass, then added guitar and piano over the years. I played in over a dozen bands and self-published several albums. This was before MySpace, SoundCloud etc — these songs now exist mostly on tapes, CDs, my hard drives, memories and Dropbox account.

After various frustrations with other musician’s committments, I decided to make music mostly on my own. This ultimately strongly influenced my core work practice: I don’t “exhibit” my music in the fine-art-world sense, but it’s nevertheless the structural and emotional basis of my creativity.

Here is music from various processes:

  • songs recorded entirely with the Boss RC-50 looper,

  • free improvisations recorded in the moment (although I sometimes write down the musical structure of these atmospheres, my music comes entirely from an openness towards free interpretative association. It only exists in the moment that surrounds and creates it),

  • music composed on a variety of Elektron machines (Octatrack, Analog Four, Analog Rytm), which enable music production without requiring a computer. I mostly host this music on my Instagram account.

(the visuals for the following two songs were made entirely with my own custom-built video software)