Narrative Paintings, 2008

I can trace a direct line of formal and emotional continuity between “Dissection: Hope”, which I made in 2008 while on student exchange in Nantes (France), to my newest works that I create today. This includes the evolution of visual composition, color choice, use of geometry, the specific idea of the depicted people’s gaze, etc.
I specifically began experimenting with the production of large-scale paintings in this time; both using multiple canvases for one image, and a single, large-scale canvas.
Works from this series have been exhibited at Das Weisse Haus (Vienna), Galerie Frey (Vienna), Galerie Schloss Parz, Kunstverein Mistelbach, Museum Angerlehner, Salve Art Gallery (Leipzig), Künstlerhaus Wien, Kunstverein Der Rote Teppich (Wien), etc.
Slow Parade, 2008 | oil on canvas
200 × 300 cm
Disintegrating One's Need For Affiliation, 2008 | oil on four canvases
220 × 300 cm
Capacity-bound, 2008 | oil on two canvases
160 × 240 cm
Der unnütze Drang zur Beweisführung, 2008 | oil on two canvases
180 × 240 cm
Memory Theater, 2008 | oil on five canvases
220 × 370 cm
Some People Are So Obsessed With Their Past That They Die Of It, 2008 | oil on canvas
160 × 200 cm
Dissection: Freedom, 2008 | oil on canvas
110 × 150 cm
Dissection: Hope, 2008 | oil on canvas
115 × 150 cm
Exhibition view "Trauma" at Museum Angerlehner (2021); photo (c) Simon Veres