Digitalog (Group),, Wels

Two of my manual pixelations, printed onto canvas, will be exhibited at‘s “Digitalog: Digital und Analog im Dialog” exhibition. It’s the first time these sort of works will be exhibited; I’ve created a lot of pixel-based digital works over the last couple years, and started bringing them into the analog world. But they haven’t yet been shown outside of my studio. Thanks to Bianca Kiso for trusting these works <3

The exhibition also shows works of Ignas van Rijckevorsel, Chris Murzek, Bianca Kiso and Denisa Osacenco. Plus: the opening evening also marks the space’s second birthday — let’s meet there to discuss art and life 🙂

  • Opening on Friday, May 12th (6:30pm) — I’ll be there; dresscode: futuristic or vintage 🤩
  • Exhibition duration: May 13th – June 16th, 2023
  • Opening times: Thursday and Friday, 2-6pm
Holon Art Space, Wels
Calm, 2022
200 x 150 px
Bad Growth, 2022
200 x 113 px

Some photos from the opening..