Fragmented Visual Storytelling

My work tends to blend visual fragments into open narrative settings. I modulate between larger to smallest physical formats, often incorporating digital workflows; emulating glitches, using self-coded visual abtractions, and to switch the creation processes drastically over the years.

The idea is for this to reflect the fracturedness that people in trauma recovery experience– with challenges usually happening inside one’s mind first.

Fine Arts Studies

I studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna — in the classes of Daniel Richter, Harun Farocki and Gunter Damisch (2006-2011).

To further dive into storytelling in contemporary media,  I wrote a Doctoral Thesis (PhD) about “Painting and digital technologies” (Elisabeth von Samsonow, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, 2011-2015).

I blend traditional painting and drawing practices
with multi-layered digital processes.

The final works often don’t show their underlying digital roots, which include randomized generative algorithms, a robotic drawing device and the development of a custom image abstraction software. This lets the works feature a mode of figuration that’s natively based in geometric abstraction – while keeping an analog exterior.