About Christian Bazant-Hegemark

Music and Game Development (2000-2006)

My art practice mostly uses figurative painting and drawing. But I didn’t start there — as a teenager, I focused exclusively on making music. I started playing the bass at age fifteen, adding piano, guitar and double bass over the years. I played on my own and in many bands, with gigs in various constellations in Austria and Germany

At age eighteen, I decided to learn programming. Two years later I started my first employment at neo software, which later became Rockstar Vienna. We were responsible for several high-profile ports, including GTA 3 and Vice City for Xbox, Max Payne 1 and 2 for Xbox and Playstation 2, and Manhunt 2.

Studying Fine Art, Writing my Dissertation (2006-2011)

Because of the crunching required for this, I decided to leave the gaming industry. I started drawing at age twenty-four, and was accepted into the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2006. I attended three classes there: graphics and printmaking (Gunter Damisch), expanded pictorial space (Daniel Richter) and film (Harun Farocki). I graduated in 2011, and got a government grant to research my PhD thesis, which became a 200 page piece about painting in the context of digital technologies (Elisabeth von Samsonow, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein).

Curating, Art Writing, Managing a Startup Gallery (2011-2017)

While working on the PhD thesis, I started collaborating with various people to co-manage the artist-run space mo.ë, where I was responsible for funding, hiring our employee, managing the group studio and international residence program. I curated over twenty exhibitions (mostly focusing on local emerging painters), which included writing about these painter’s works and processes. This also led to several text commissions by artists and institutions.
In 2015 I stopped my engagement for the art space, and began managing a start-up gallery in Vienna. I was responsible for curating, selecting the artists, insuring and organizing transports, selling works, etc.

On Doubt: YouTube channel about creativity (2017-2019)

I stopped curating in 2017, and instead thought about the options for an autonomous curatorial project that wouldn’t require a physical space, resulting in me no longer being economically connected to artists.
This led to the conceptualized and implementation of  On Doubt, my YouTube channel about creativity. The channel offered 10-20min short documentaries about creatives from all sorts of fields, and accumulated over 50k watch minutes by 2021.

Exhibiting and Project Work (since 2010)

All this time I painted and drew. I had different gallery collaborations, and exhibited in solo shows in Vienna, Salzburg, Düsseldorf, Paris, Brno, Leipzig, leading to my first museum solo exhibition in 2021, at Museum Angerlehner.
In 2019 I rekindled my passion for programming, developing a process to abstract images and videos into vector data, which can be plotted and then worked upon further (leading to the Waiting series, amongst others).
When Corona began, I continued my art practice – but also co-founded three team projects: 

The Artist's Life, and writing a Handbook for Emerging Artists (since 2019)

In 2019 I began structuring my knowledge about arts (“how to live as an artist”) into the manuscript of a book (“Handbook for Emerging Artists“, fourty chapters of which are available for free online). This led to various workshops and art coachings held nationally and internationally. In addition, I started teaching life drawing and art history at Kunstschule Wien in 2019.
I’m working on integrating my art practice into my life in a holistic way. This includes various modes of self-care (psychotherapy, sports, digital minimalism if possible, etc). Because of the diverse projects that make up my life, I benefit from a fine-tuned project management attitude that doesn’t always end up working. I try.