I’m a visual storyteller.
I live and work in Vienna/Austria, and am represented by Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf.


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Fragmented Visual Storytelling

I create open-minded visual stories whose interpretations grow with their viewers. Fragments to create emotions. Atmospherics.


I studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna — in the classes of Daniel Richter, Harun Farocki and Gunter Damisch (2006-2011).

To further dive into the complexities of storytelling in contemporary media, I then researched my Doctoral Thesis (PhD) about “Painting and digital technologies” (Elisabeth von Samsonow, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, 2011-2015).

Curatorial Practice

I was running the alternative space mo.ë while writing my PhD thesis, which got me to experiment with curating as narrative medium. I curated nearly fourty exhibitions between 2010-2017, mostly focusing emerging painting.
Some of it is documented on the Beyond Mimesis blog.


The exhibitions included works of Markus Bacher, Bernhard Buhmann, Veronika Dirnhofer, Dejan Dukic, Melanie Ebenhoch, Theresa Eipeldauer, Michael Fanta, Peter Fritzenwallner, Milo Hartnoll, Stephan Hövelbrinks, Werner Jakits, Alex Kiessling, Sebastian Koch, Nana Mandl, Julia Maurer, Julie Mueller, Tomas Němec, Katherina Olschbaur, Fabian Patzak, Maria Pavlova, Sarah Pichlkostner, Paul Riedmüller, Christian Rothwangl, Alexander Ruthner, Alexander Rutsch, Max Schaffer, Käthe Schönle, Petra Schweifer, Titania Seidl, Lisa Slawitz, Jakub Tomáš, Peter Uka, Cathrin Ulikowski, Victoria Vinogradova, Marianne Vlaschits, Stefanie De Vos, Micha Wille, David Zeller, …

Coding and Interactivity

I try to move fluently between analog and digital.

My bag of tricks includes Sandy Noble’s Polargraph drawing machine, the Processing prototyping environment, and “Geometries Everywhere“, my generative image abstraction software.

In development since 2015, it offers real-time glitches, numerous line tracing algorithms, creation of 3d geometry from 2d images, production of depth/space dioramas, video/vectors or high-res pixelations export, and WASD controls to navigate the virtual scenes.


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