I’ve been involved in a variety of projects — using various media, collaborators and ideas:

Kunst und Klischee is a German-language podcast by Katharina C. Herzog (“Kevo”) and me. We lead down-to-earth interviews with people from all artistic backgrounds. New episodes are released biweekly. Listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.
Here’s a list of all episodes.

JOMO (“Joy of Missing Out”) is a monthly platform to discuss and network about often unspoken art world dynamics, managed by Paula Marschalek, Julia Bugram and me. JOMO is online-first, and live-streams its events via Zoom and Facebook Live. The videos are archived and stay accessible: enjoy missing out.

The Handbook for Emerging Artists is my attempt at ordering the chaos that accompanies being an artist. I’ll gradually begin to roll out its content.


On Doubt (2017-2018) is my YouTube channel on creativity. It features short documentaries based on interviews with unique creators from all sorts of fields; I started it after realizing that I wouldn’t curate physical exhibitions anymore. The project also has an accompanying website.


Beyond Mimesis (2013-2015) was a “research & discourse platform investigating contemporary painting conditions“. I started it when working on my PhD thesis, and used it to publish analyses of various emerging painters, with a close focus on Austrian artists of roughly my generation.
It’s a Tumblr site that’s entirely safe to read, yet sometimes shows an (invalid) content warning.

Danis Welt is a German-language YouTube channel for kids aged 2-99. The project started with the Corona pandemic, and featured a life drawing made by me, for each episode. 

Further involvements:

  • Workshops & Presentations: I held presentations at various institutes about art, art writing, creative processes, the Polargraph plotter and teach the life drawing and art history courses at Art School Vienna. I also teach at the virtual art school Pushing Colored Dirt.

  • Curating (2011-2017): I curated various exhibitions, mostly focussing on emerging painting and videogame aesthetics