Current Projects

I’ve been involved in a variety of projects — using various media, collaborators and ideas:

Kunst und Klischee is a German-language podcast by Katharina C. Herzog (“Kevo”) and me. We lead down-to-earth interviews with people from all artistic backgrounds. New episodes are released biweekly. Listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts — or YouTube

Here’s a list of all episodes.

The Handbook for Emerging Artists is my open-ended, freely available attempt at structuring the manifold reality that accompanies artists. It’s been viewed over 60k times.


On Doubt (2017-2018) is my YouTube channel on creativity. It features short documentaries based on interviews with unique creators from all sorts of fields; I started it after realizing that I wouldn’t curate physical exhibitions anymore. The project also has an accompanying website.


Past Projects

JOMO (“Joy of Missing Out”) is a monthly platform to discuss and network about often unspoken art world dynamics, managed by Paula Marschalek, Julia Bugram and me. JOMO is online-first, and live-streams its events via Zoom and Facebook Live. The videos are archived and stay accessible: enjoy missing out.

Beyond Mimesis (2013-2015) was a “research & discourse platform investigating contemporary painting conditions“. I started it when working on my PhD thesis, and used it to publish analyses of various emerging painters, with a close focus on Austrian artists of roughly my generation.
It’s a Tumblr site that’s entirely safe to read, yet sometimes shows an (invalid) content warning.

Danis Welt is a German-language YouTube channel for kids aged 2-99. The project started with the Corona pandemic, and featured a life drawing made by me, for each episode. 

Further involvements:

  • Workshops & Presentations: I held presentations at various institutes about art, art writing, creative processes, the Polargraph plotter and teach the life drawing and art history courses at Art School Vienna. I also teach at the virtual art school Pushing Colored Dirt.

  • Curating (2011-2017): I curated various exhibitions, mostly focussing on emerging painting and videogame aesthetics