My lecture at the Viennese Psychoanalytic Society/Wiener Psychoanalytische Vereinigung

I was invited by Jeanne Wolff-Bernstein to hold a lecture about art and identity; the lecture will happen at the Viennese Psychoanalytic Society (“Wiener Psychoanalytische Vereinigung”), the world*s oldest psychoanalytic society — the one founded by Sigmund Freund, with prominent members being Alfred Adler, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung etc.

I’ll talk about depicting individuals that “arent’t us”: about the transgressions this inherently includes, about trying to paint what we cannot understand. About the self-portrait aspect that’s part of painting anyone else.

The lecture happens on September 22nd 2021, 8:15pm at Wiener Psychoanalytische Vereinigung, Salzgries 16/3 (1010 Wien). Here’s the link to the event.


“Community and Isolation in Contemporary Art”: Artist Talk with Tanja Prušnik and Günther Oberhollenzer

I was invited to be an artist-in-residence at the unique MillStArt exhibition and residency program. Part of this is a public artist talk, which happens on September 10th (Friday) at 8pm. The talk is led Tanja Prušnik, and features curator Günther Oberhollenzer and me, focussing on “Community and Isolation in Contemporary Art”. Drop by!

Kultursommer Wien: two free drawing workshops, for everyone!

This summer I host two free, open-space drawing workshops, sponsored by “Kultursommer Wien /Alsergrund“.

After the first of these events already happened, I want to show you this photo which makes me super happy.

  • On the top you see a basic line tracing of a person;
  • then below, the feet, shows the same person tracing in a different way, with the two drawings having been made only an hour apart of each other.

What a difference! Wow.

My advice is usually the same, and very basic:

  • to trace more consciously,
  • to disregard “seeing objects” in favor of “naming contour/line qualities”,
  • to draw larger (most often the opposite isn’t required)
  • to be more conscious about pencil width vs the drawing’s size

In a 90 minute/2h course where you get to see attendees only once, my main goal is to bring across the joy and meditative benefits/potentials of drawing. The process, not the result.

If you want to join in: this happens on more on July 7th (4pm) at Arne-Karlsson-Park in Vienna!
You don’t need to register, and it’s free!

Free Art Coaching for Marginalized People

I started thinking about how to use my privilege to support and empower minorities. Part of my answer is to start offering free art coaching to strengthen such individuals. This can be portfolio reviews, in-depth work discussions or a general coaching about art world dynamics (networking, pricing, finding representation, creating an archive, etc): it depends on your needs.
WHAT: This is about supporting underrepresented artists. To help you establish the strongest voice you could possible have. If you consider yourself to be in a structurally disadvantaged situation, this might be for you. I can offer a wide set of strategies and tools to contextualize and deepen your work.
WHERE: The coaching can happen in person (in my Vienna studio) or online (Skype, Zoom, etc), and will adhere to safe space principles. Possible languages are German or English. I will set aside two 45min slots per week. This is meant to work internationally.
ABOUT ME: I’ve been self-employed as an artist for five years and am represented by two galleries. I studied Fine Arts at Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts, did my PhD there, curated over 30 shows, co-managed an artist-run space for four years, helped set up a start-up gallery, wrote extensively about emerging painters and currently teach contemporary art history.
If you think this can benefit you: reach out. If you know someone else this might help: tell them. (original link)

Update: I did over twenty individual and group coachings with artists and curators from Canada, India, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Austria and beyond.

This initiative eventually resulted in me conceptualizing a low-budget 6-week course on art world dynamics ($100 for the entire course, called “Living the Art Life“). Here’s a video of me advertising that course.