Let It Come Out, 2019

In 2019 I expanded my image abstraction software (“Geometries Everywhere”) to be able to process video data. As a result, I created various short films.

Works from this series were exhibited at Bildraum.07 (Vienna) in a solo show titled “Folds”, at my first solo show at Untitled Projects (called “inseparable”), at NonStopScheiner in Graz, at the Hybrid Formats Symposion 2022, and at IP.Forum (Vienna) in a solo show titled “Waiting” (curated by Gabi Baumgartner).

“You can create in rationality. But how do you create beyond.”

Let It Come Out: An experimental short about the borders of our lives and thoughts, about codependencies and the limits of movement and speech — and people who transcend rationality in order to breathe. 
By Christian Bazant-Hegemark

Linda Sharrock (* 1947) is a US-born jazz singer who suffered a stroke in 2009 — that left her partially disabled. Unable to speak, she found new forms of communication. In 2012, together with her partner Mario Rechtern (* 1942), she started touring once again. They’ve been on the road ever since, with a changing guard of musical collaborators — making music beyond harmonic expectations, stirring emotional tidal waves.

Christian Bazant-Hegemark started documenting the Sharrock-Rechtern metaphysics: how to live “beyond the plate”. Having developed his own video abstraction algorithms, Bazant-Hegemark reduces the distance between real and imaginary — establishing a visual aesthetic that blends words and forms, music and the transcendental.

“Lately I had somebody ask me about these kind of extreme violent forms that I developed playing. Linda is screaming, extremely fearful and so on — and they somehow really seem to be prenotated, or preoccupied, by these social compulsivenesses of Good and Bad — but that’s already empathy.” (Rechtern, 2018)