Is there value in making my art affordable?

Total Views: 2480In short: yes. There’s value in making your work affordable. While the art world loves to discuss the highest auction results, most artists sell their work for way lower prices. Is their work (or they themselves) consequently of lesser relevance? Since capitalism uses the price tag as the premier signifier of quality, pricing … Continue reading “Is there value in making my art affordable?”

Is there a formula to calculate the prices of artworks?

Total Views: 2667Most media have a way of computing the artwork’s price based on physical facts like weight, size, duration, edition size, etc. Since these metrics differ between territories (inches vs. cm, pounds vs. kilograms, etc), there isn’t really one internationally established formula. The basic idea is always similar though: to derive the price from … Continue reading “Is there a formula to calculate the prices of artworks?”

How do I price my artworks as a total newbie?

Total Views: 419As an artist pricing their work the first time, you usually come face-to-face with two realities: the idea of commodifying your idealism, and your lack of knowledge about pricing expectations and dynamics. Accept that your work has both artistic and monetary value Even if your artmaking is based on idealism (searching for ways … Continue reading “How do I price my artworks as a total newbie?”

What are further art pricing facts?

Total Views: 2143After having read the anatomy of art pricing, here are further general pricing facts: Prices need to reflect the economic situation of your initial target audience – not your production costs, research and production time, or how much you like or are satisfied with your work. Specifically, your work’s price needs to make … Continue reading “What are further art pricing facts?”

What’s the anatomy of art pricing?

Total Views: 1400Pricing is a major topic on your path to becoming a professional artist. Pricing is a skill – and like any other skill, it improves with practice and experience. It is closely connected to one’s negotiating abilities: where pricing defines and attaches a monetary value to your finished artworks, negotiating defends and (optimally) … Continue reading “What’s the anatomy of art pricing?”