Gegenwart der Malerei: Dissertation by Christian Bazant-Hegemark

I graduated in 2011, and decided to write a PhD thesis about narratology in painting. I got a government grant that would enable me to focus on this sort of research, and ran with it.

Within a year I realized that I was unable to focus on any specific topic (narratology) within any specific media (painting) before laying down a sort of framework to understand the ontology of that medium: what eventually was published in 2015 was this framework: an ontology of painting. It covers questions like

  • What is painting today?
  • How to define art?
  • How to then define painting?
  • How is painting influenced by digital media?
  • What even is digital media — what are its attributes?
  • What is the essence of digitalism, and how does it connect to (analog) painting?
  • Can painting be argued to be exclusively analog?

This got to be a deep inquiry in the medium that I’d by then used for a decade.