Shifted Realities (May 14th, Galerie Heimo Bachlechner, Graz)

My work is part of the group exhibition “Shifted Realities” at Galerie Heimo Bachlechner (Graz), next to the works of Christine Liebich and Sissa Micheli.

The show focuses concepts of reality, and how artists deal with it, and shift it — within drawing painting, sculpture and photography; between abstraction and figuration, reality and virtuality, displacement and fiction, etc.

It opens on Saturday, May 14th (3pm), with an opening speech by Roman Grabner (curator and director of Bruseum). It is part of the “aktuelle kunst Galerientage Graz” exhibition program.

  • Opening: Saturday, May 14th, 2022 (3pm)
  • Address: Liebenauer Hauptstraße 322, 8041 Graz
  • The show can be seen until June 18th, 2022.