Post-Graduation Strategies (Lecture/Workshop), University of Applied Arts (Vienna)

I’ll be assisting Alexandra Feichtner in her multi-week lecture/workshop format at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, which is hosted by the photography team, but open to all students.

The focus is on offering strategies for graduates; to discuss the realities of the time after art university in a complete, actionable way; from deepening your artistic practice to business aspects (galleries, networking, pricing..) and various topics of personal development.

PS: Thanks to each of you who participated, it was a great day!

Post-Graduation Strategies, Lecture/Workshop at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Bazant-Hegemark, May 2023)

Conscious Artist Membership

After years of solo and group deep dives with artist from all over the world, I decided to offer an affordable membership program that enables everyone to join in:

The Conscious Artist Membership offers access to monthly group calls, a private FB group enabling direct communication between peers, and — can now be subscribed to by anyone, independently of their age, background, and whether they studied art. This is an open platform for those who want to discuss artmaking and the art life holistically <3

Details here — spread the word!

If You Can’t Make Sense, You Can Still Draw Plants (Workshop, Vienna)

I’ll be hosting a 4-session drawing workshop at the “Klasse für Alle” at the University of Applied Arts (Vienna), scheduled between October 2022 and January 2023.

Participation is open to everyone, the course costs €80; more here.

About the Workshop

The goal ist to integrate drawing as strategy to document processes of reflection, introspection and opinion-making. What does it mean to draw? How do you draw an experience, a feeling, a memory? An opinion, hope or otherness?
How do you then draw specific plants, landscapes or people? How would you draw the change of things, or the passing of time? How do you draw when you can’t draw? How to you draw together?

The workshop supports experimentation, with a clear focus on the process — and results being optional.

Klasse für Alle is a new program of continuing education, created by the University of applied Arts Vienna to opening up their institutes and departments towards all those who are interested in discussing, reflecting upon, and redesigning of our society. The urgency of current existential dangers requires collective action and dialogue. We invite people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, from all professional fields, with or without previous education, and with a diverse range of skills and interests, to work with us on building a present and future worth living. […]

Zeichnen ist politisch (Workshop Series)

Veronika Dirnhofer, Elke Krasny and Ruby Sircar conceptualized and organized a workshop series about the topic of “drawing is political”.  within this series, I’ll host a workshop on November 20th, 2021 (11am-1pm) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

I devised over twenty individual, pair and group exercices to challenge specific topics inherent to representational art:

  • how to rethink surface appearance,
  • how to rethink craft and mastery,
  • how to rethink retinal visuality,
  • how to rehink transgression through representation
  • etc.

Details at the Academy’s website are here.

Kultursommer Wien: two free drawing workshops, for everyone!

This summer I host two free, open-space drawing workshops, sponsored by “Kultursommer Wien /Alsergrund“.

After the first of these events already happened, I want to show you this photo which makes me super happy.

  • On the top you see a basic line tracing of a person;
  • then below, the feet, shows the same person tracing in a different way, with the two drawings having been made only an hour apart of each other.

What a difference! Wow.

My advice is usually the same, and very basic:

  • to trace more consciously,
  • to disregard “seeing objects” in favor of “naming contour/line qualities”,
  • to draw larger (most often the opposite isn’t required)
  • to be more conscious about pencil width vs the drawing’s size

In a 90 minute/2h course where you get to see attendees only once, my main goal is to bring across the joy and meditative benefits/potentials of drawing. The process, not the result.

If you want to join in: this happens on more on July 7th (4pm) at Arne-Karlsson-Park in Vienna!
You don’t need to register, and it’s free!

“Finding Words”: 6-week workshop about thinking and writing about art

I’m currently hosting a six-week workshop at Veronika Dirnhofer‘s class for drawing, at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. The course aims to support artists in increasing their (art) thinking and writing skills, by discussing various forms of art writings, the general power of words and meanings as tools of consequence.

The course includes various theoretical aspects, plus loads of practical exercices aimed to empower students.